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    What is KUTLETS?

    KUTLETS (Kingston Upon Thames Local Exchange Trading System) is a community-based barter system. Members pool their skills and resources to form a local network, which allows them to trade goods and services without using money. Instead of using pounds and pence, KUTLETS has its own 'currency' called 'Beaks' (named after its old home at the Beacon Centre). It was started in 1991 and is one of over 200 similar systems around the country.

    Please have a look round the public areas of our site. There is a FAQ under the About link. This will describe the LETS concept and also show what can be done via the website once you have joined. If you like what you see then please join up.

    If you are already a KUTLETS member, please login and you will be able to access the full directory, as well as find other members, change your password and notices, and access useful downloads. Don't forget to look at the Noticeboard! Short term offers and notices are put there and you might get the bargain of a lifetime. If you have already paid for 2014 you don't need to pay again.

    If you have forgotten your password send an email to accounts@kutlets.org.uk to request a new password to be sent to your email address. Once you have logged in with this password you can change it to a more memorable one by going to the User Menu option on the right of the page and selecting 'Change your password'.;

    We are supported by a grant from the Royal Borough of Kingston which pays for our meeting rooms and general running expenses, for which we are very grateful.
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    Check out our Links menu on the left for more information on LETS and other local systems

    KUTLETS info in arabic

    KUTLETS info in arabic (pdf)

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