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    Join KUTLETS

    Anyone can become a member of KUTLETS.
    To apply, please fill out the application form online. If you used to be a member and wish to rejoin just pay your sub and you will be reinstated.Pay your subscription
    There is an annual fee of £5 which you can pay via the internet, PayPal* or send a cheque to:
    c/o Simone Kay Stained Glass
    2 Fairfield South
    Kingston upon Thames
    KT1 3BX
    If you wish to pay by Standing Order or direct transfer via internet banking just let us know and we will send you the bank details or you can download a brochure and send it in by post if you prefer.
    In addition to the annual fee of £5 there is an 5 beak fee which goes towards paying the administration costs of running the system. KUTLETS has no employees, only members who are paid in beaks when they help with the administration. However in the first year you will be credited with 5 beaks to get you started.
    Check out the Members Rules.
    * Paypal charges us around 38p to process the payment which means the cost will be £5.38, less than posting a cheque.
    KUTLETS Application Form

    KUTLETS Application Form

    Contact Information

    To prove you are not a computer please complete the addition 19+24=

    Thank you for completing this application form and for your interest in joining us.
    We will notify you when you have been added to the system.